How to Remove a Car Magnet that is Stuck

How to Remove a Car Magnet that is Stuck


Removing a car magnet that is stuck can be a pain, but with a couple of tools in a little patience, you can remove them without causing damage to your paint. There are a couple different tactics available to remove the magnets, so choose whichever you feel the most comfortable with. I will discuss one method below.

The first process I tried was to heat up the magnetized surface and fill the chunks off gently as the bond was released from the paint. Leave in the car outside on a hot summer day in the sun will help this process. Otherwise, you will need to use a hairdryer for heat. The magnet I tried this on was brittle, but after I heated up and soaked it in an adhesive remover, some of its flexibility was restored which helped it to come off easier.

After you heat up the magnet, use an adhesive solvent to spray on the magnet. Let the solvent set on the edges and the surface of the magnet for a few minutes. Just make sure you don’t let it dry. If your work area is in sunlight, you will need to keep a close eye on it and add more solvent if needed.

After the solvent has had a few minutes to sit on the magnet, gently start to work the edges of the magnet using your fingernail. If you do this slowly you will have a better chance of pulling a larger chunk of magnet off. You can also use a microfiber towel with spray adhesive solvent on it to rub the edge of the magnet gently until it comes free. You must be patient with this process. When you try to do it too quickly, the rubber on the magnet will dissolve into many pieces or snap and you will need to start the process over again to get the edge free.

If you have a steam cleaner on hand, that will help you a lot. After your edge starts coming up, the steam can be used to break the bond between the magnet and the paint. Steam can also cause the magnet to bubble up. The trick is to keep the tip of the steam cleaner moving and don’t let it get too close to the paint.

Once the magnet has been removed, you will want to wash the entire car and wax are still the area that you worked on since it is not protected from the elements. Hopefully, after this experience, you will never put a magnet on your car again.