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Cleaning the Carpets in Your Vehicle

Cleaning the Carpets in Your Vehicle


The carpets and floor mats in your vehicle could make a big difference in the overall appearance. Trash, dirt, and crumbs can accumulate easily on your cars floor. Luckily, cleaning the carpets and formats is a simple part of auto detailing that you can do yourself. Below are some tips to help you clean your vehicle carpets.

First, pick up any big items from the carpet. You will need your car to be as empty as possible before you start cleaning. Take out your floor mats and shake out any crumbs or dirt. Then use a handheld vacuum to go over the carpet. Be sure to vacuum in all crevices, including under and around the seats and under the pedals.

Once you have all the dirt off the floor, you can put your focus on the carpet. Look for any spills or stains and try to dilute any spills with a little cold water then blot the stain with a towel. Try to find a spot cleaner that can lift any dirt, grease, or oil from the carpets. Test an area of carpet that is out of sight to ensure the cleaner will not damage your vehicles carpeting. Once you know the cleaner is safe, you can continue in the process of carpet cleaning.

For best results, you need to treat stains immediately. Spray the entire area with a spot cleaner that you have chosen until it is damp. Take a clean white cloth and blot the area to remove it, rinsing out the cloth as needed. If you can still see the stain, repeat the above steps is necessary. Be sure you clean the entire area where the stain was to avoid rings.

You can begin cleaning the floor mats while you wait for the carpets to dry. Just like cleaning the carpet, cleaning the mats is a simple process. Use a handheld vacuum on the floor mats first. Then use your spray cleaner to remove any spots or stains such as ink, grease, all, or coffee from the floor mats. Once the mats are clean, hang them up so both sides can quickly dry.

Detailing your automobile can sometimes be boring and difficult. If you follow the right steps, though, cleaning the floor of your car will be easy and stress-free. Having clean carpets in your car can give your car a fresher cleaner feel and make your time driving your car a lot more enjoyable. If you’re like me, and want it done professionally I highly recommend

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How to Remove a Car Magnet that is Stuck

How to Remove a Car Magnet that is Stuck


Removing a car magnet that is stuck can be a pain, but with a couple of tools in a little patience, you can remove them without causing damage to your paint. There are a couple different tactics available to remove the magnets, so choose whichever you feel the most comfortable with. I will discuss one method below.

The first process I tried was to heat up the magnetized surface and fill the chunks off gently as the bond was released from the paint. Leave in the car outside on a hot summer day in the sun will help this process. Otherwise, you will need to use a hairdryer for heat. The magnet I tried this on was brittle, but after I heated up and soaked it in an adhesive remover, some of its flexibility was restored which helped it to come off easier.

After you heat up the magnet, use an adhesive solvent to spray on the magnet. Let the solvent set on the edges and the surface of the magnet for a few minutes. Just make sure you don’t let it dry. If your work area is in sunlight, you will need to keep a close eye on it and add more solvent if needed.

After the solvent has had a few minutes to sit on the magnet, gently start to work the edges of the magnet using your fingernail. If you do this slowly you will have a better chance of pulling a larger chunk of magnet off. You can also use a microfiber towel with spray adhesive solvent on it to rub the edge of the magnet gently until it comes free. You must be patient with this process. When you try to do it too quickly, the rubber on the magnet will dissolve into many pieces or snap and you will need to start the process over again to get the edge free.

If you have a steam cleaner on hand, that will help you a lot. After your edge starts coming up, the steam can be used to break the bond between the magnet and the paint. Steam can also cause the magnet to bubble up. The trick is to keep the tip of the steam cleaner moving and don’t let it get too close to the paint.

Once the magnet has been removed, you will want to wash the entire car and wax are still the area that you worked on since it is not protected from the elements. Hopefully, after this experience, you will never put a magnet on your car again.

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Getting Rid of Brown Tires

Getting Rid of Brown Tires


Are your tires on your vehicle Brown? Have you ever wondered what causes that to happen? Well, tires have an ingredient called Antiozonant that is used to protect the tires from the ozone that’s in the air. This helps the tires lifespan by preventing premature deterioration and oxidation of the rubber as well is premature cracking. The design of the tire causes it to push the Antiozonant constantly to the surface to replenish itself throughout the tires lifetime. This process is also known as tire blooming.

When air mixes with the Antiozonant, it creates a reaction with the ozone in the air and makes it turn brown. Luckily, you can clean this brown off but since it is always coming to the surface, this will need to be done frequently. 

The best route you can take to prevent your tires from turning brown is to put a tire dressing on them. This will not only protect your tire from the environment, but will also hide any browning that does happen when the Antiozonant reaches the surface.

When it comes to tire dressings, there are many to choose from. They each perform a little differently, though. Some of them give the tires a matte black finish while others make the tires seem very wet with a deep black look. You will also need to consider if you want a dressing that is silicon based on water-based. I personally prefer water-based dressings because the silicone ones can sometimes cause the tire damage. You should be able to get 2 to 6 weeks from a water-based addressing depending on how many coats you put on the tire.

Clean your tires very well before you try to apply a tire dressing. You can use a decrease or, all-purpose cleaner, or automotive rubber cleaner on your tires. If the tire services clean, the tire dressing will bond better and last longer.

An old wax applicator pad or microfiber applicator pad are best for applying the tire dressing. Run a line of dressing down the pad and rub it evenly over the tire. Since the applicator pad will need to be saturated as well, the first tire would normally require the most dressing. Be sure that none of the tire dressing is put on the tire anywhere that it contacts the road. Otherwise, it could be dangerous.

Once the tire dressing his own, give it a couple of minutes to cure. After cured, use the clean side of your applicator to buff the tire and remove excess dressing. If you plan to add more dressing, let the previous one drive first.