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How to Determine if Your Car Needs to be Waxed

How to Determine if Your Car Needs to be Waxed


Did you realize that sunscreen and car wax have a lot in common? Let’s imagine that you are planning to go to the beach on a sunny day. Now think about all the things you would take with you: maybe your surfboard, sand toys, umbrella, beach chair, towel, and sunscreen. Each one of those items enhance your day at the beach in a different way from playing in the sand and surfing the waves, to relaxing in your beach chair, and applying sunscreen. If you left any of these items behind, you may not enjoy your day is much. Take sunscreen for example. If you are to leave your sunscreen at home, you would likely get sunburned. You may not notice the sunburn immediately, but the next few days you would be in pain, irritated, and bathing in aloe. And that’s not to mention the more long-term problems that can come with too much sun exposure. The wax on your automobile is as important to protecting your car from the sun as sunscreen is to protecting your skin.

The wax made for your car is a protective coating that is made from several other synthetic and natural polymers, such as carnauba wax, that gives your paint shine and superior depth that cannot be achieved otherwise. Paint sealant is another product available on the market. These are like wax but are made by chemists from a synthetic blend of polymers. Either one of these products can enhance the appearance of your car and protected from elements such as bird droppings, bug guts, tar, corrosion, UV rays, road salt, and acid rain.

There are two ways for you to tell when your car needs to be waxed. The first one is to fill the surface of paint on your car. Does it feel gritty and rough? If it does, your car probably needs to be waxed or, at the very least, washed well. The next way to tell is to test a small section of the car by pouring a little water on it to see if the water beads on the paint surface. Before you try this method, it is important to clean the section of paint first to get rid of the dirt and contamination that is sitting on the wax that can prevent water beads from forming.

Of course, if you prefer to take the easy way to see if your car needs to be waxed, you can just wait until it rains. If the rain does not form beads on the paint surface, then it is time to get your car waxed.